Where to Find the Best Beaches on Paso?


Best Beaches on Paso? is an unlikely treasure in Greece. This island in the Ionian Sea is around 8 kilometers from well known Corfu, and you will in all probability need to travel to Corfu to arrive. Paxos has no air terminal and most guests take a ship from Corfu.

Best Beaches on Paso? is peaceful and quiet. It has a couple of towns sprinkled on its green slopes, between olive forests and limestone rocks. Its primary fascination is its sea shores. Away from the groups, these sea shores assist you with unwinding, reconnect and recharge. We should investigate the absolute best sea shores on gorgeous Paxos.

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Kaki Langada Beach
A little and enchanting ocean side, Kaki Langada is well known with the two local people and guests. With its length of around 100 meters, it’s one of the more extended sea shores on Paxos. It is comprised of white rocks and, contingent upon the season, appreciates obscure spots in the early evening thanks to the pine trees straightforwardly behind the ocean side. Kaki Langada has its own taverna: Aeolus Beach Bar has a blend of delectable Greek, Mexican, and Italian dishes. The ocean side bar likewise leases sunbeds and umbrellas, so you can partake in this pebbly ocean side as far as possible.

Kaki Langada Beach is situated on the east bank of Paxos, around 3 kilometers north of Gaios. You can cover this distance by walking from the island’s capital, which will take you around 30-40 minutes, or you can go via vehicle. The exit to the ocean side is a precarious street down to the stopping region and the bar.

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Mongonissi Beach
Is it true that you are into watersports? Mongonissi Beach welcomes you to get dynamic on the water. This ocean side can be tracked down in the southeast of the island, around 5 kilometers from the island’s capital Gaio. As a matter of fact, Mongonissi Beach is on a more modest island that is  Best Beaches on Paso? associated with Paxos by a scaffold. The brief distance between the two islands implies that the waters are quiet and somewhat shallow. Its area by a little cove makes it family-accommodating, as well.

Lease sunbeds and parasols from neighboring Carnayo Lounge. This ocean side bar is likewise an extraordinary spot from which to partake in the cove sees. On its menu, you will track down a wide range of imaginative dishes and enticing mixed drinks. Supper time can be extraordinary, with amusement that will make you need to remain throughout the evening. Best Beaches on Paso?

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Monodendri Beach
Monodendri Beach is one of the most amazing sea shores on Paxos. It has the commonplace white stones and completely clear water, yet in addition offers offices like sunbeds and parasols, and tavernas with superior grade, customary Greek food. Add to it the simple stopping, and you have the recipe for an entire roadtrip.

Monodendri Beach is found simply a short drive from Loggos, and around 9 kilometers from Gaios. On the Loggos-Lakka principal street, take the exit to Monodendri Beach. You can leave your vehicle at different organizations, among which Glyfada Beach Villas and Restaurant. This little and cozy occasion park can offer you daily pass with admittance to its showers and pools included. It’s only a couple of steps down from the estate park to the ocean side.

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Levrecchio Beach
Levrecchio Beach is moderately little with a length of around 50 meters. It is just a short drive (300 meters) from the enchanting little town of Loggos. It has every one of the elements for a pleasant outing at the ocean side: a quiet, turquoise ocean, pine trees, white stones, and a taverna with exquisite food.

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This ocean side partakes in the sun until mid-evening when it brings down behind the pine trees on the slopes behind it. Assuming you need conceal during the day, you can lease one of the umbrellas along with its sunbeds from the ocean side bar. Discussing which, Bouloukos Taverna is an incredible spot to eat or even a frappé. It’s right near the ocean, so ideal for guardians need to watch out for their children while they play in the water.

Kipos Beach
Another halfway found ocean side is Kipos. It is a piece harder to get to and lacking, so this offers you a chance to move away from different travelers. Bring jam shoes to stroll on its stones, and a foldable seat on the off chance that you have one. There are no sunbeds and parasols here, yet the pine trees give conceal if necessary.

To get to Kipos Beach, take the twisting street from Loggos or Gaios. The last barely any hundred meters to Kipos Beach takes you through olive forests. In the event that approaching from the course of Loggos, you can leave your vehicle around 100 meters from the ocean side, by the door of a confidential manor. On the off chance that you approach Kipos Beach from Gaios and Kagkatika, you can stop between the olive trees, at around 300 meters. In the two cases, you should walk the last couple of meters.

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Sea shores of Antipaxos
Antipaxos is the sister island of Paxos. It very well may be reached by water taxi in around 15 minutes, and it’s truly worth going on the outing for the phenomenal sea shores that this island has. Frequently contrasted and the Caribbean, you can find white sandy sea shores here with terrific, sea blue waters. This is where the Instagrammers go for their cash shot. It even draws in day travels from neighboring Corfu.

Vrika Beach is seemingly the best ocean side of Antipaxos. Assuming you’re worn out on the pebbly sea shores on Paxos, fortune has smiled on you: Vrika Beach has fine, white sand, so you can spread your towel here and partake in some happy with sunbathing. Try not to need to get sand all over you? Sunbeds and parasols are accessible as well. What’s more, to top everything of, there is a taverna with tasty Greek food and super cold lager.

South of Vrika is Mesovrika Beach. This ocean side is pebbly, similar to the sea shores on Paxos, however has fantastic turquoise waters. It’s just 250 meters from Vrika Beach and it’s a simple climb to arrive. It can become pretty busy with day journey travelers.

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