What are some best off-page SEO techniques?


Off-page SEO techniques help you increase your page’s ranking and domain authority. There are different types of SEO techniques to learn.


SEO is one technique to improve website traffic by obtaining a high-rank placement on the search engine results page. There are different types of search engines on the web such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO had three essential techniques to improve their website’s position in the SERPs- Technical SEO, On-page SEO and OFF page SEO. 


What is Off-page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is the type of SEO which makes your website popular on the internet for getting more visibility. With on-page SEO, one can get visibility in search engines. However, the Off-page SEO techniques will help one improve the website’s position in the SERPs. 

In the most simple term, the Off-page SEO technique is nothing but getting backlinks from other websites. Suppose there are three types of websites- A, B and C. If you want to increase the ranking for website A, you can also get the backlink for website A from websites B and C. Here, website B and website C reference website A.


Following are some of the best Off-page SEO techniques-

  1. Creating Shareable content

Content matters a lot, and content is always the King in Search Engine Optimization. Creating unique and shareable content is the most innovative way to generate more and more natural backlinks to the website. You should also research often and keep your content always fresh and updated. The content should be appealing and should make the users intrigued about your work. Only then will you be able to attract more visitors to your website. 



  1. Influencer Outreach

If you have created share-worthy and appealing content, you should not hesitate to reach out to the relevant influencers and ask them for a shout-out. You should tell them to check your blog and ask for the link back from their blogs. However, the links should be authentic and legitimate. It would be best if you only asked them for links that are from relevant domains. Influencer outreach matters a lot.


  1. Contribute as Guest Author

Several good-quality blogs on the website are open for guest posts from various types of authors who are passionate about writing. You can also try writing unique research pieces and reaching them with the guest posts’ content. You should also not focus on the number of links but instead, focus only on quality links. One should also not keep posting multiple times on the same guest blog site. 

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  1. Broken link building

Another excellent off-page technique is broken link building. One needs to keep monitoring other types of blogs for different kinds of broken links. If you find any broken link, you can email that particular website owner and ask him to replace the broken link with your site link. This process is a little tedious and time-consuming. However, it is worth it.


  1. Local citation.

It is the mention of the name of your business, phone number and address. Many SEOs believe they are a key ranking factor as local citations appear in many different places, such as business directories and social networks. They are used anywhere someone might be looking for information about local business. You can also create profiles from the top-rated citation websites and get backlinks. You should make sure that you keep updating these profiles with the latest information about your brand. One can also add services, images and videos about your enhancement business.


  1. Convert brand mention

Several tools help you find unlinked brand mentions. Brand mentions mean other bloggers talk about your brand name on their websites. However, they do so without the reference link to your website. If you stumble upon such a brand mention, it is an opportunity for you. You have the liberty to connect immediately with that brand-mentioned author, and you can also say thanks for mentioning your brand and also ask for the link.


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  1. Strong Internal linking

A proper content strategy is very important to increase the ranking of the website. You should add the most important articles and news on your website. It is also very important to add the proper citation links. This is the type of content strategy which gives you an amazing opportunity to have optimized internal linking. The proper interlinking strategy helps you increase the indexing rate of the website. You should increase the crawl rate and the indexing rate as it helps you increase the rankings of new blogs and website pages.

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  1. Engagement with social media

Social media engagement is a major Off-page SEO technique. If you want to make the best out of your business, website or blog, you should engage with people on different types of social media platforms. Your presence on social media will boost your business and also help you get more backlinks.


  1. Social bookmarking sites 

The best platform to promote your website is social bookmarking. When you decide to bookmark your webpage or any kind of blog post that is present on the page on popular social bookmarking websites, you can gain a high amount of traffic to your webpage.


  1. Forum submission

This is the way of online discussions and debates. It also helps one to expand and share knowledge and it aids in generating useful backlinks which can change the game of SEO business. This falls under the category of off-page SEO.

You should participate in the search forums that are related to your website and businesses. It is very important to make a connection with that community. 


  1. Blog directory submission

Directory submission means constantly working to build quality backlinks. One should choose an effective directory and select a proper category. It takes some amount of time to deliver good results. However, these results should stand out for a long period of time. This involves the submission of your site to a specific category of a web directory. 


  1. Article submission

This is a nuanced way of portraying an Off-page SEO technique. It is the process of publishing the article on a third-party website which involves targeting the high-quality backlinks to your blog. You should make sure that your content is unique and of high quality. There is a possibility of the low-quality content getting rejected.

You should choose the correct category and give a good title to your content.


  1. Question and answer

This is one of the best ways to get high traffic to your website. Join question-and-answer websites with high PR. You can look up queries pertaining to your company, blogs, or websites. However, you should give clear answers to these questions. It is important to give a link to your website which will help in bringing more visibility. 

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  1. Video submission

Video submission refers to submitting distinctive products, publishing or any time of service in the submission sites. There are two ways in which video submission is done. One can also upload the video on websites. If you want to make your videos popular, you should head to the popular video submission sites. It is also important to give a proper title, description, reference links and tags. This is one of the most popular ways to get quality backlinks as all the video submission websites have high PR.


  1. Image submission

You should share your photos on popular image submission websites. This Off-page SEO technique took the SEO world by storm and many people are making great use of this technique. Before submitting your images, you should optimize them with the correct URL and a title tag. Before you submit your images, you should check if they have a proper title, tags and description.


  1. Infographics submission

You should make creative infographics. These days, infographics are becoming very rampant and they are also becoming popular on the internet. You should submit your infographics on the infographics submission websites and also give reference links to your web page. The image might differ with different websites.


  1. Document sharing

You should create attractive documents relating to your blog and business. The documents you make should be unique, and they should be in either pdf or ppt formats. You should submit these documents to the document-sharing websites.


  1. Use Google My business.

This is another Google product for free, and one can optimize this platform for the best local SEO ranking. There are several places one can smartly optimize the content, and a decent number of social traffic can be generated.



Enhancing a website’s “off-page SEO” entails raising users’ and search engines’ perceptions of the site’s value. This is accomplished by obtaining links from other websites (preferably those that are reliable and trustworthy in and of themselves), brand mentions, content sharing, and “votes of confidence” from websites other than your own.

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