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Workplace counseling

Online Counseling can help your employees to resolve issues that could be creating problems in their workplace. They can receive psychological counseling to assist them in resolving their issues. These short-term counseling programs usually concentrate on identifying the issue in order to implement solutions, and then monitoring the progress. This results in a healthier and more productive employee, with better relations both at work and at home.

How can you improve the productivity of employees at work?

To increase the productivity of employees in the workplace you should follow the following 8 steps:

  • Improve working conditions

If you’re looking to increase the productivity of your employees You’ll have to ensure that they’re working under the right conditions. Be sure that there’s plenty daylight in your office. Workers who work in offices with windows and ample sunlight sleep for longer at night for 46 minutes they’re more refreshed and are more likely to concentrate on their job. Plant life is a must in the office. The green office environment makes employees more relaxed, which makes them more productive in their work.

Don’t let your walls remain white. Employees commit more mistakes working in offices that have white walls. Instead, go for red (it assists with tasks that require attention to detail) or green (it aids in motivating) and blue (it enhances creativity).

  • Optimize emailing

The research suggests that we use 13 hours a week in emails. Multiply this by the number of employees working for your company and you’ll see exactly how many hours of your time you could be using more productively. Make time for email only. Inform your employees to pick an hour each day during which you will handle emails. You should stick to that time. You should conduct all emails in the one hour immediately following lunch or one hour prior to when you leave your job.

Keep your emails brief and focused. Train your employees to be courteous, as well as exact with their questions, and concise in their responses when they write an email. Do not send emails to employees late in the evening. These late-night emails can make your employees anxious make them more anxious, and reduce their chances of a productive work day in the morning.

  • Optimize meetings

Workers spend every month 87 hours in different meetings. This amounts to the loss of $37 billion each year because many meetings turn into useless discussions. Email instead. Email is a quicker and more precise method of communication. Instead of holding numerous meetings, you can send out an email group to everyone during the period of time that you have devoted to email.

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Limit the number of meetings held per week/day/month. Only hold the meetings that are essential. Limit the number of participants. Some employees could be crucial to attend meetings, but those that aren’t aren’t required to attend every single time. The most efficient option is to let them keep working in their regular routine of work. Cut down on the time they spend during each meeting. 15-20 minutes will allow you to discuss the most important aspects.

  • Flexibility in scheduling

People have different levels of productivity at peak times throughout the day. So adhering to the 9-to-5 routine or working from early in the morning, might not work for all people. Flexible work hours Instead of working eight consecutive hours a day allow your employees to work in two shorter blocks that add up to 8 hours. As an example, they can start their work between 7 am and 1 PM, and then head to the gym or eat a long lunch, and finish their day between 3 pm and 5 pm. They’ll be more productive and efficient. they’ll feel a new feeling of vitality after the lengthy, enjoyable 2-hour break and get rid of the afternoon slump that employees often feel tired of before “closing” the clock.

  • Remote work can be allowed

Despite certain challenges to remote work, however, the majority of employees think that they’re more productive when working from home, and 47% would prefer that their employer offered this benefit. Choose positions that are able to work remotely, set the availability hours for remote employees, establish an appropriate response time and tell employees to record their hours to create reports on their productivity.

  • Better employee education

Training and development can help increase employees’ knowledge and their performance at work, through extension. Utilize specialized software to help employees develop their existing capabilities and develop new ones. Certain software can also provide stats and analytics, so you can monitor your employee’s development.

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Give hands-on instruction. This kind of training allows employees to try out the effectiveness of specific training activities by giving them the chance to experience the tasks as they discover more about the subject. Let employees learn at their own speed. Doing a lot of work on complicated subjects won’t permit new information to be retained and employees to try their new knowledge. It’s better to allow employees enough time to process their education or to learn at their individual pace.

  • Stop micromanagement during the task delegation process.

Task delegation is beneficial however, managers are often unable to give up tasks they’ve assigned to others and therefore they control every single aspect, rendering task delegation ineffective. Additionally, 85percent of employees feel demoralized due to the constant monitoring – it causes them to lose confidence in their capabilities, and they are unable to perform at a high level.

Control expectations and demands instead of. If you’re trying to achieve the desired outcome then you’ll need to offer guidelines for your employees. It is also important to let the employees what expectations you have of them. Not all task requirements that are well-meaning can lead to the proper requirements for the job If the employees’ focus is more the goal instead of the method to get there it will be easier to be concerned about and manage. After you have delegated, you can leave the room. Employees are more self-sufficient and at ease) and more confident in their abilities when there’s no supervisor always hovering on top of their head.

  • Enhance Office communication

Good collaboration in teamwork can lead to maximum efficiency and productivity Good collaboration comes from a good communication system and feedback. Develop teamwork with purpose. Teamwork that is produced doesn’t happen by chance. You and your team have work hard to build a cohesive team. Start by having casual gatherings from time when – host an office gathering, plan an employee outing or plan an event for team building like paintball. As new employees start arriving be sure that they feel welcomed at work and that they are treated equally with their new colleagues.

Find the most effective method for communicating. Your company might use tools for communication, such as email and telephone for communication but you’ll need to find out how each employee responds most effectively. Some respond faster to Slack messages, while some may reply to emails and others are prompt when it comes to answering their phones.

  • Encourage self-care
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Inspiring employees to take good better care of themselves will go far in encouraging employees to take care of their work and projects. Encourage employees to take advantage of the health benefits offered by insurance. Be sure that employees are aware of all the health benefits your company offers, and be sure to motivate employees to avail the of physical exams, vaccinations, and other benefits.

Give beneficial self-care training courses. You can register your employees to stress relief or time management classes, to teach them how to reduce stress in their lives or manage their time better, or discover other self-care strategies that are beneficial.

  • Recognize achievements of employees

It’s logical to speak to your employees only to highlight mistakes that they have made, but this isn’t the best procedure. Employees want to know that their efforts are appreciated 70% of professional employees leave their job due to the lack of appreciation they receive at the workplace. This kind of gesture can boost their spirits. So make sure to praise people’s accomplishments and achievements whenever you are able.

Advantages of Online Counselling as well as Employee Assistance Program

The aim of Online Therapy sessions with an Online Counselor is to tackle the issue of poor performance and to discuss possible solutions. A well-executed Online Counseling session could significantly increase the efficiency of employees, while unproductive sessions will only perpetuate poor performance.

An Employee Assistance Counseling program is a private employer-employee program that offers support to people experiencing work-related or personal issues. By helping employees deal with a myriad of issues related to working or personal efficiently, this counselling can lead to the improved well-being of employees and, consequently leads to a rise in their satisfaction and engagement. Additionally, those who can access EAP assistance are likely to remain with the same organization for a long period of time. When they talk to an Online Counsellor , employees feel closer to the institution that has been supportive through a tough time and also sees this as a significant part of their compensation package.

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