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Your things to try in the Andaman list cannot be stopped once your impulse soul meets the bright sky, gold beach, turquoise, and an untouched environment. Actually it will not be wrong to decide as the main and good destination that attracts travelers from all over the world with fantastic things about Terra Firm in 572 islands. There are sports travel, water sports, activities for character lovers, look better to do so you will fall in love.


There is a regular ship service out there from Chennai, Kolkata, and Vizag for tourists. The first view of this island is enough to make you surprised and the excitement that follows can cause you to try to do everything.


Dive skin


With the advantages of things that can be done at Andaman, one of the most loved activities is Aqualung’s dive. Of the 120 islands, only 36 can be inhabited, most of the places in are not touched by human disorders and offer a number of beautiful natural scenes.


There are a number of vendors who provide skin dive in Andaman. In addition, you can even order scuba diving on Online through a different online platform.


Location: The most famous scuba diving site in Andaman is Neil Island.


Price: The estimated scuba value in Andaman is 4500 RS.




Diving Scuba is the best and one of the most beautiful things to try in Andaman, Snorkeling. This is one of the beautiful ways to explore attractive marine life and Bengal Bay Coral. From the style of fish to plant species, you will be able to watch everything when you snorkel in the clear waters of Andaman.

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Location: A number of beaches and the most famous places in to travel by snorkeling are Radhanetara Beach, Red Kulit Island, Buoy Jolly Island, Neil Island, Gajah Beach and many more


Price: Estimated value for leather diving in Andaman is 350 hospitals. every session.


Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat


Most of you may already know that is in all types of cruise ships under the glass of dolphins in Andaman. This is often the most loved activity in the Andaman Islands that allows you to explore underwater marine life. And the best is that you can experience everything as if you are in the middle of the sea.


Find a rich reef and lively underwater sea life through this glass boat. Luxury windows can take you through a trip under water at high speed.


Location: The opposite Premier Industry, Dairy Road, Port Blair – 744103, Andaman and Nicobar.


Price: The estimated value starts from RS 3500


Rhizophora Mangle Kyanging in Mayabunder


Visiting Andaman many of you might design for some thrilling adventure. Rhizophora mango like in Mayibunder, Andaman is an activity that can be seen for you. Rhizophora Mangle from an inexperienced Andaman contains 1/5 of the total Indian mangrove cover. Like the sea is one of the activities most liked by people around the world in the Andaman Islands. You will enjoy this activity for about 2.5 hours.


Listen to birds chirping and luxurious in peace when you sail through green plants. You are looking for a peaceful atmosphere, this is often the right place for you. Most importantly, you will be able to click on a number of best shots with a beautiful background.

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Location: This activity can be carried out in the Mayabunder islands, Andaman or Havelock.


Price: The estimated value starts from RS 2500


Tour to the volcano on the barren island


Mud volcanoes are often visited by waterways and highways. Thank you to Baratang Island, you want to reach Jarawa Creek. About 250 to 300 meters and can run. This can also be accessed by road from Nilambur Jetty. Volcanoes can be the result of decaying material underground that emits natural gas and help in the formation of mud volcanoes.

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