The most happing trek in India – the Skandagiri trek



On a weekend, all that is needed is a small escape from the daily grind and stress of life. We look forward to a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend from the stress of city life.

It’s hard to find a better way to have a relaxing and healing weekend than in a hill trek’s serene and green surroundings. There are many such places in Bengaluru, and Skandagiri is a beautiful hill range that is becoming more popular as a weekend trek.

Distance from Bangalore

Skandagiri, a beautiful hill range near Bangalore is approximately 60 km away from the city. It is also about 3km from Chikballapur. Skandagiri, with its beautiful landscapes and temples, is an easy-to-access, enjoyable, fascinating, and rewarding trek. It also has a significant role in culture, history, religion, and culture. The Skandagiri, at an average height of 4430 feet, is very accessible and moderately easy to climb.

Legend has it that the Skandagiri is one the four Panchagiris. The other four are Chandragiri Hemagiri Nandi Giri and Brahmagiri. Skandagiri can be found in Kalavara Halli, a small village. This is why Skandagiri hills have been called Kalavara Durga. Sometimes, the Skandagiri may also be called Kalwarbetta.

Start point for the trek

The trail to Skandagiri begins at the Papagni Mutt. This is a Buddhist monastery that is similar to a monastery in Hinduism. It then continues on to the ruins and fortifications of the 18th-century at the top.

From the top of Skandagiri, one can see beautiful hills surrounding it.

It is why it is so well-known

Skandagiri is a popular trek that lasts only a few hours and is loved by many tourists and trekkers. Skandagiri trek takes approximately 4-5 hours, including the time it takes to climb and descend the hill. Many paid guides can guide tourists and trekkers through the trek, showing them the most beautiful spots on and around the hill. They also answer any questions that they have about the historical and cultural significance of Skandagiri.

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The Skandagiri trek offers many experiences. You can see beautiful structures and rock formations from the Nandi Giri. Many famous people have praised the Skandagiri’s beautiful rocky structures since infancy. The Skandagiri Trek’s trail is mainly made up of rocks, mud and boulders. The dense plant cover is mainly shrubs, small trees and bushes. Some large and medium-sized trees also make the trek more exciting and enthralling.

Shiva Temple

The Shiva Temple, located on top of the hill, is another fascinating and captivating sight. The Shiva Temple is well-known for its 18th century origins, despite the fact that it is now in ruins. Numerous devotees climb the hill regularly to worship at this auspicious temple. The view from Skandagiri’s top is spectacular. People from cities that have these rare sights will be enthralled by the stunning sky, greenery, and beautiful town of Chikballapur.

Night Trekking at skandagiri

Skandagiri is also known for its night treks. Night treks are usually held at midnight or post-midnight, and the summit is reached around 6 am in the morning. Trekkers can enjoy night adventures on Skandagiri hills and enjoy camping on rocks and boulders. They also get to see the stunning sunrise from Skandagiri hillock.


Skandagiri offers a wonderful and captivating trek for those who want to have a more intimate and subtle interaction with nature. It is also a great place to see the beauty of Karnataka and take in the rich history, culture, and tranquility. These are just a few of the reasons Skandagiri is a popular weekend trek close to Bangalore.

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