The Dos and Don’ts of Bike Touring


Meta Description: Are you planning to go on a long bike ride? Then, to maximise safety, you must be aware of the dos and don’ts of bike touring.

Bike touring is exciting for motorcycle enthusiasts. While this is true, you cannot deny that bike riding is not as safe as travelling in a four-wheeler. Dedicated riders always ensure to prioritise safety while riding on their motorcycles. Thus, they equip themselves with the right accessories and follow safety rules. 

But today, long-distance cross-country traveling has become a widespread hobby. It is due to the abundance of adventure possibilities and advancement of accessories like mobile stand and bikes. So, here are some safety dos and don’ts you should be aware of before embarking on your vacation.

Five Dos of Bike Touring

  • Always Wear a Helmet

The majority of ardent motorcycle riders never leave their homes without a helmet. But the little, unconscious errors they do while driving are just beyond comprehension. You may travel a half-kilometer to a store to get groceries or water for the camp. Never assume that you do not need to wear a motorcycle helmet. You must always wear riding accessories like a motorbike helmet anytime you are riding a motorcycle. 

  • Inspect Your Ride

Before you start riding, give your bike a thorough inspection. You should check the lights, mirrors, and tyre pressure every time you get on your motorbike. Quickly walk around your bike to look for any loose bolts, leaks, or other possible mechanical concerns.

Additionally, you must be vigilant in your routine upkeep. Do all suggested regular maintenance, including oil changes, chain, and suspension adjustments. Keep an eye on tyre and brake pad wear. Don’t put off replacing something that needs repair.

  • Buy A Bike That Is the Right Fit for You

Modern bikes are quick and potent. Choose a bike that allows you to sit upright and with your feet securely on the ground. You should be able to hop on and off the bike quickly, and the handlebars and controls should be within easy reach.

Select a motorbike with a 250- to the 300-cc engine if you intend to ride on side and main highways. However, buy a bike in the 500- to 750-cc range if you want to do a lot of interstate riding. This will help you keep up with traffic.

  • Watch The Road

You must pay attention to the road while bike-touring. When entering bends, go cautiously and keep an eye out for any potential gravel or other hazardous road conditions. In addition, the paint on railroad rails, as well as the white lines at stoplights, can be slippery. So, you must be cautious when crossing them.

Five Don’ts of Bike Riding

  1. Push The Speed Limit or Rules of The Road

You and other drivers’ safety depend on adhering to the posted speed limit and other traffic laws. Avoid zipping in and out of vehicles. Instead, obey all traffic rules just like you would if you were a car driver.

  1. Drive Intoxicated

Alcohol usage contributes to a lot of motorcycle accidents and injuries. Therefore, as in a car, driving soberly on a motorbike is crucial too.

  1. Never Get Distracted

Maintaining a safe following distance is essential to have enough space to stop and respond to roadside hazards. Do not excessively accelerate your engine or weave in and out of traffic during bike touring.

  • Drive In Bad Weather

Maintaining traction on the road can be challenging during rain, storms, and severe winds. Additionally, rain makes it harder to see. Avoid biking during those times since it is the most dangerous to do so just after it starts to rain. Ensure to wear bike touring accessories like jackets for weather protection.

  1. Don’t leave your bike or luggage unattended

Do not leave your baggage and motorbike riding gear outside unattended whenever you stop on the way. When traveling, you want to avoid it at all costs. Always be sure to bring your bags and valuables inside. Ensure to tie the motorbike securely to a pillar or store it inside a garage for the night.

Must-Have Bike Touring Accessories

Look at the top most popular gear that every motorcycle enthusiast should own.


The helmet is an essential bike touring accessory. Always ensure to wear one that is comfortable and offers maximum protection. There are different types of helmets to choose from in the market.

Riding Gloves

This accessory offers protection to your hands during a mishap. It also enables you to ride in style when you pair it with leather jackets and pants.

Riding Jackets and Pants

These are among the essential bike touring accessories. The leather riding jackets and pants have padding that protects you during an accident. They are fashionable and also keep you warm during the winter.

So, now that you know the dos and don’ts of bike touring ensure to prioritise safety while riding. On this note, you may equip yourself with the best motorcycle accessories from They are among India’s leading online marketplaces for affordable, high-quality auto parts. 

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