Main Perks of Rubber Flooring and why it’s a must-have for gyms and playgrounds


Durable, resilient, and eco-friendly- are the three factors that are responsible for the popularity of rubber flooring in gyms as well as in playgrounds. Sports centers and gymnasiums are such places where occupant safety and comfort are of paramount importance. Rubber Gym Flooring rolls as well as Rubber Playground Mats play a crucial role. 

Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls ensure stability, resist traction, absorb shocks, and deliver exuberance. They are also resilient, sturdy, and safe, which can withstand heavy traffic and repeated bettering, safeguard against injuries and thus guarantee optimal performance. Similarly, Rubber Playground Mats offer exceptional dimensional stability and shock absorption, and are extremely durable, creating a safe and comfortable environment for staff and athletes alike. 

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

When it comes to playgrounds, Rubber Playground Mats is among the safest, longest-lasting, and best-performing flooring options. Have a look at what they can offer you:

(1) Better Shock Absorption and Natural Resilience: Rubber is one of the most resilient materials that you can get here on Earth. Feel the softness and comfort underfoot, by installing them in your home. Generally, the thicker the floor is, the softer it is. Rubber Playground Mats are made with added cushioning from cork, fabric, or foam-rubber backing that adds to their thickness and also makes them softer. This helps minimize foot injury and fatigue. Vulcanized Rubber Playground Mats can not only reduce muscle stress and support leg exertion but also can absorb even the most violent impact, thus making it especially beneficial in this regard. 

(2) Resistance to Heavy Impact Loads: It is due to the high density and resiliency of rubber flooring that they are sturdy enough to hold tons of weight without breaking or bending. Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls can withstand high-impact activity as well as thousands of pounds of equipment, without any rips or tears. But, it depends to a great extent on the thickness of the covering.  Besides offering cushioning to the equipment, they also protect the floor from damage and prevent breaking of the apparatus.

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(3) Water and Chemical Resistant: Rubber Playground Mats are resistant to chemical attacks and moisture making them resistant to mold, mildew, and staining. 

(4) Greater Durability: All the properties as touched on earlier make Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls tough, strong and long-lasting. They can last for several decades of regular use, provided you take proper care of them. What’s more, they are hard to scuff, gouge or scratch making them. Exhibit great performance and also look good all that time. 

(5)Excellent Slip Resistance: Rubber Floors are known to provide good grips. So, Rubber Playground Mats are non-slip and thus can significantly minimize the number of slip and fall accidents. Yes, it is true that smooth rubber when wet can be quite slippery. But, you should take note here that they are. Made with raised studs or dimples which gives them a non-slip finish. Moreover, there are some rubber floor mats that are perforated. These are specially designed for wet environments. The perforations allow for easy drainage of water and thus prevent slippage. 

(6) Safety Flooring: The soft and resilient covering of Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls allows for super shock-absorption and cushioning and thus providing excellent protection to athletes. They are in compliance with the standards set for traction, slip resistance, rotation, stability. And surface abrasion set by federations and sports leagues around the world. These are some of the factors that make rubber flooring one of the safest flooring options available on the market. 

(7) Good Sound Absorbent: The inherent ability of rubber to reduce noise and absorb noise, makes it an ideal flooring option for cavernous spaces and high-traffic areas like gyms where sound bounces off the walls. Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls muffles the ambient noise and absorbs that sound that enhances the comfort and efficiency of the environment. 


(8) High Performance: Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls are resistant to most of the staining agents, so there are not many products that can discolor or mar their surface. What’s more, Rubber is water resistant and invulnerable to mold and mildew. Cleaning of these rubber rolls is quite easy. All that you need to do in order to keep the floor in. Pristine condition is to wipe it with a damp mop. But, remember not to make use of any strong detergents and abrasive. Cleaning liquids as they are very harmful to the rubber surface. 

Key Takeaway:


Rubber Flooring has several perks to it and is also very versatile. But while choosing a rubber sports floor, the first thing that you. Need to do is to figure out your primary purpose. Not all activities have the same requirements. For example, a busy college training facility requires greater resistance. To wear and tear than a small community center, even if the sports activities are the same. Therefore when you are looking for Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls. Make sure to consult a specialist who will help you to make an informed decision. 

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