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The Kedarkantha Trek is a great experience for anyone who has ever tried trekking. The Kedarkantha trek area is richly forested so it may be worth considering. A 5-day Kedarkantha Trek Bundle is an enjoyable, adventurous walk that offers both adventure and pleasure. The Kedarkantha trek bundle offers the chance to take a snow walk in a beautiful natural setting. 

To help you plan your trip to the Kedarkantha, we have all the essential information about the trek – the Kedar Kantha trekking difficulty, the Kedar Kantha hike height, the Kedar Kantha route map, and much more.

A memorable experience

The three factors that make the Kedarkantha pinnacle a memorable place are dense white clouds and superb snow. Kedarkantha is 12,500 feet above sea level and is rated as a moderate to easy stroll in terms of difficulty. It meets all standards for a high-quality wintry weather trek. Kedarkantha, which is located 12,500 feet above sea stage, offers a spectacular view and an adventure through the snow. 

Individuals who were running towards the Kedarnath statues at the time heard a cow’s call and stopped running. They believed it to be a terrible omen, in line with Hindu mythology. The mountain was then given the name Kedarkantha.


The History

Apart from its historical mythology, Kedarkantha offers a lot. It also has one of the most stunning sunrises/dawn views anywhere in the world. Kedarkantha is a good place to begin if you’ve always wanted to go on trekking.


The Best Kedarkantha Trek Time

The Kedarkantha trekking can be done for any length of time. The Kedarkantha Trek is only open during July and August (the highest wet months of Uttarakhand). These ten months can be divided into four seasons.

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Winter – December through February

Spring – March and April

Summer – May, and June

Autumn – Mid-September to November


Let me briefly describe the small changes you might notice over the course of the year. These will help you plan for your expedition.


Things to Bring on the Kedarkantha Trek

Mandatory Documents


The following files should be kept with you:


  • Original and photocopy of the presidency picture graph identification card (Aadhar Card Driver’s Licence Voters ID and so forth)
  • A passport and visa are required for foreigners
  • Medical certification
  • Certificates of Declaration
  • Essential Items for Trekkers
  • Backpack (50-60 litres): A backpack that provides enough support is essential for an adventure. It is essential to have a rain cover.
  • Strong Trekking Shoes – The footwear should be sturdy and provide support. It’s not uncommon for people to wonder if footwear is comfortable. However, it’s much more satisfying to have the right hiking footwear.




  • Trek Pants – Denim are not suitable for adventure. You may need at least two to three pairs of trekking pants for shorter trips, and more for longer treks.


  • Jacket – Jackets protect you from the elements and are essential for hiking. If you plan to hike for a week, have a coat.


  • Layers of warmth Clothing – You should have layers of warm woolen or fleece. Layers of warmth – You should have at least 3 layers for winter and 2 to 3 for summer.


  • Thermals – The temperature drops at night so thermals are recommended.
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  • T-Shirts – Bring your quick-drying, t-shirts.


  • Poncho – They will keep you dry if you’re trekking in the rain.


Major Attractions/Nearby Sites


  1. Pinnacle View: You will be rewarded by a vast landscape of the Garhwal Mountains when you reach the top. Black Peak, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini all offer great views. The view is worth the effort to reach the pinnacle. You can also see the Har ki Dun Valley from here.


  1. Beautiful Campsites: These campsites are some of the most beautiful in India’s Himalayas. One such area is Khujey. It’s a meadow that is surrounded by beautiful inexperienced trees. Bhoja Dadi is a campsite in the direction of the Kedarkantha trekking.


  1. The Kotgaon–Kedarnath Route is ideal for those who want to hike in a picturesque setting. The backdrop is formed by the Devkyara, Har ki Dun and Har ki Dun valleys. Due to its frequent blockage, you should not travel this route during a blizzard.


How to Reach Kedarkantha Trek


By Air

Dehradun airport is located close to Delhi and is accessible by a daily plane from Delhi. Once you arrive in Dehradun, take a taxi or public transport to the bottom camp.


By train

You can take the train from Delhi to Dehradun. You can take the train from Delhi to Dehradun.


By road

A bus may also be taken from Delhi to Dehradun regularly. The Delhi authorities run buses. It is advisable to take one from Delhi’s Kashmere Gate to Dehradun. You can either take public transport or hire an automobile to reach Sankri once you arrive in Dehradun.

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