Instagram Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow


Instagram is one of the best-loved social media platforms. Currently, the platform has 1.3 billion users. People love to spend their time on the platform, so much so that brands and businesses have started to see marketing scope on the platform. 

But, in the last few years, Instagram has seen enough changes. The platform’s algorithm has gone through a sudden shift. It is why marketers and business owners are finding it difficult to have a way with the platform. 

Therefore in this blog, we are providing you with Instagram marketing techniques that you can follow to increase the revenue of your business. 

5 Useful Instagram Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow 

The marketing guru you are following on Instagram must have suggested you use the ‘Follow for Follow’ strategy. However, this not only sways away your target audience but also will shadowban your business account on the platform. We understand your concern as a business owner, so we have compiled a list of five useful Instagram Marketing techniques you and your business can follow. 

#1 Optimize Your Bio 

Your Instagram bio is the first thing your visitors will notice. It should be welcoming and have a clear brand message. 

It helps you to highlight the key features of your business. It also provides a way for your target audience to converse with you. Your Instagram bio is your sales pitch. It further helps you to be discoverable by your target audience. Therefore, you must fully optimize your Instagram bio as a business owner. Using keywords related to your business in your bio is highly recommended. It will help the visitors to know about your business at just a glance. 

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#2 Use Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories was launched in 2016. The feature is similar to Snapchat Stories. Your stories will disappear after twenty hours. It means you can post every day without worrying about messing up your Instagram profile’s aesthetics. However, the benefits of Instagram Stories are not limited to this. You can use them in the following ways. 

  • You can use Instagram stories to interact with your followers daily. An IG Story challenge will help better.
  • You can also run a flash sale campaign on your Stories. It will ensure that your followers are actively engaging with your content. 
  • You can also share the behind the scene stories of your business on IG stories. 

#3 Embed Instagram Widget On Website

It is obvious that as a brand, you must have a business website. If yes, then you have a great chance to cross-promote your Instagram account on your website. You can embed Instagram on your website to advertise it there.

Let’s see how to embed Instagram Feed on website, you can use any social media aggregator tool. You can embed Instagram Feed using these technologies in just three easy steps. Gather feeds first, then use these tools in moderation panels to delete the posts you don’t want to display on your website. And voila, you can now present the best version of your brand on the website. 

Instagram itself is a visually appealing platform. It adds up more value to your website when you display Instagram widget on your website in a more eye-pleasing way. Luckily these social media aggregator tools provide you with customization options. It means you can mould the appearance of your widget as per your wish. 

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#4 Use Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels are currently the most popular feature of the platform. It is highly engaging and entertaining. More importantly, reels have helped brands to go viral. To be honest, Reels are a revolution in the digital marketing industry. No one had ever imagined that a dancing video would drive sales for any business. 

You can use Reels to create brand awareness for your business for free as a business owner. You just have to prepare a reel script, choose a song, and you are good to go viral. 

Make sure that the songs you use align with your brand image. Note that a video with high picture quality has a higher chance of getting viral. 

#5 Encourage User Generated Content 

In case you are unaware, user-generated content is the content that is created by the real users of your products or services. It can be a product review, an image, or a video of your products posted online. You can showcase the optimistic user-generated content on your website or Instagram account. 

It will make the customers feel heard by the brand. When you repost the content of real users, it gives them recognition. And encourages them to create more content for you. 

It eventually leads to brand loyalty. 

Wrapping Up 

Instagram is a great place to market your business. You can also establish an authority using the platform. Not just that, it has helped brands to create social proof for their business. Many new brands have reached milestones on Instagram using the above-mentioned Instagram Marketing techniques. 

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We hope this blog will help you find a way with Instagram. If this blog helps, let us know in the comment section below. 

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