How to Draw Ice cream

When hot days occur, it can be an excellent excuse to go out for summer pleasure! Sometimes the heat can become a little, and, in these cases, we need ways to help us cool.

One of the best ways to do this is to enjoy ice cream, and we will create a very fun version of this cold treatment in this guide on how to draw a cartoon ice cream!

We have a version of ice cream that doesn’t look like what you have seen in real life, and this must be fun drawing challenge!

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Drawing Cartoon Ice Cream

Step 1:

What could be better than a spoonful of ice cream for a hot day? The answer would be two doors! Could something be better than that?

Three spoons, of course! For this reason, the treatment we project in this guide to drawing a cartoon ice cream will have three layers.

We will begin to draw the first of these three layers at this stage of our guide.

It will have a rounded upper section designed with a very smooth line. Then we will use curved and irregular lines to the bottom of this ice cream layer.

For more details, we designed ice cream mergers and directed them to the next layer. So we will be ready for the next stage of the guide!

Step 2:

We will add the second layer to this cartoon drawing.

It will be in shape and drawing very similar to the upper layer, but as it is under the first, we will not see the top of this layer.

This second layer will also have a part flowing to the piece below.

Speaking of this part, we will add it to the next stage of the guide!

Step 3:

We still need a layer of ice cream before finishing, so let’s add it now! Again, this layer will be designed similarly to the previous two layers.

Again, there will also be a small drop of that. You can add more of these drip sections if you want to give the impression that this is appreciated on a hot day!

Then we can move on to other details and aspects in the next step of the guide.

Step 4:

Next, this ice cream needs to collect everything, and let’s add it at this stage! The cone’s contour will be triangular but a rounded triangle.

The contour will also be designed using a jumper line to make it more textured.

After drawing this cone, we can go to step 5!

Step 5:

At the beginning of this guide on drawing a cartoon ice cream, we mentioned that it would not look like any other ice you have ever seen in real life.

This fifth step will be apparent because we will now add a nice smiling face to your ice!

The eyes will be designed using simple curved lines with small eyelashes.

Then we will draw a smiling mouth using two small curved lines that connect. In the next stage of the guide, we will finish some details and final touches!

Step 6:

The final details for this cartoon cartoon cartoon cream we should add will be some texture details in the cone.

Part of the drawing can be the most delicate, so take it well and slow!

The texture will be designed using diamond shapes in lines. The reference image will show how they should be positioned to make them convincing, so try to follow it as it draws!

You can also add some additional details to finish this. We think drawing a beautiful background on the summer theme would be ideal, but how will you end?

Step 7:

Everyone has a favorite ice cream flavor, and you can show some of your favorites in this last step!

Our reference image uses a light pink for the upper layer and a darker tone for the intermediate layer.

The background is chocolate brown, so the cone has beautiful shades of orange and gold to finish.

We have chosen these colors, but if you want to use other people in your drawing to show your favorite flavors, you must do it!

Do this to pass the drawing ice cream.

Please look at these super cool tips we have for your cartoon cartoons!

This drawing of a cartoon ice measures three tall layers. It would make it difficult, but you could add even more diapers.

As it is just a drawing, you don’t have to worry about knocking it down. You can make it as big as you want and create your final ice cream.

It could be comically large and threatening to fall to make a very fun image! What is the height of this ice cream tower?

Once you are satisfied with the size of your cartoons, you can customize them even more with some fillings.

It may be subtle, but it helps you add small details and excellent colors.

It can be sequins of small colors or even a chocolate bar from the ice. What are your favorite covers you can add to this cartoon ice cream?

Another way to make this cartoon ice cream drawing even more fun would be to add a character to the image that could have fun.

This character can be designed in a fun cartoon, and it can even be based on you or someone you know in real life. They could walk with the ice cream or enjoy it in a colorful living room.

Continuing our advice, you can add a background to your cartoon design outline. It would be particularly good to do if you add a character, but you can add the same if you didn’t.

For example, you can opt for a fun frame with different dessert foods that everyone has beautiful cartoons like this ice cream. There are so many fun and creative horizons that you can choose from!

Do you have background ideas you can choose?


Your cartoon Ice cream drawing is full!

We had a very fun and delicious representation of this famous delight, so you can enjoy it in this guide on how to draw a cartoon ice cream!

The steps are designed to make this drawing fun and easy, so we hope these goals have been achieved for you while you worked there.

When you finish the drawing, you can advance by adding other drawing options and details to finish it in style!

We mentioned the drawing of the background and the addition of unique colors, like some ideas to finish, but now you can show what you think is proud of this image.

If you are ready to learn more when you finish this, consult our site for many other drawing guides and activities to enjoy!

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