How to Draw Barbie


Barbie the Doll appeared in 1959; from that beginning, her popularity showed no sign of a slowdown!

It became the most emblematic and popular doll, and the children’s toy was never created, and it also joined many additional variants and characters.

With so much variety in your conceptions and clothing, it can be fun to create some of them by learning to draw Barbie.

If you have always wanted to project your own Barbie, it’s in the right place!

Our step guide on how to draw Barbie in just 7 steps will show how you can do it exactly.

You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing Barbie

Step 1:

We mentioned in the introduction of this guide on drawing Barbie that it has come in many different styles and variations over the years.

It’s most common incarnation has its iconic face drawing with long blond hair, which is the drawing we are looking for in this guide.

If you wish, there will be room to change part of your drawing later!

You can now reproduce his face as it appears in the reference image. It will help you make your expression beautiful.

Then use many curved and fluid lines so that your long hair leaves the head. It will also wear loop earrings, which you can draw with round shapes.

Step 2:

Continuing with your Barbie drawing, we can start drawing her chest and arms. Her neck is quite long and thin, extending from the base of the jaw.

Then we draw his top, which will be in one of her. We will also shoot her arms at this stage, and they will also be very long and thin, suspended next to her.

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Step 3:

For the next part of this guide on how to draw Barbie, we will add to the dress she wears while adding her bag.

For her dress, we will wear curved lines to add three other sections to the dress. The reference image will guide you on what the angle of the dress should be.

Then we will finish this step by drawing from a small elegant bag suspended in hand.

Step 5:

This part of your Barbie drawing will be based on adding the rest of her dress.

This lower half will be long and fluid, and you can use two curved lines that move slightly near your knees, then run a little near her base.

After finishing this part, we can finish the outline of the dress in the next part.

Step 6:

Now it’s time to finish the outline of your dress at this stage of our guide on how to draw Barbie.

She wears a very elegant dress, and although it is tight around her legs, she flows elegantly at the base.

You can draw this fluid base using curved privileges that move outside the base and everywhere.

It may be a little difficult to do well, but do your best to reproduce it as it seems in our reference image, as it will help you get the appearance of the correct fabric.

Then you will be in some last details in the next step!

Step 7:

We will finish the final keys of your Barbie drawing at this stage, so you are ready to color it when you reach the last part.

We kept simple things in our reference image because we kept it on a thin edge at the base of her dress.

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We add this final touch to our drawing, but you can also add part of hers before moving on!

You can do many things to give your drawing, including adding details to your clothes or giving some accessories.

You can even draw a background, maybe adding another emblematic character like Ken to accompany him!

These are just some ideas you could try, but what can you think more to end?

Step 8:

Now you have arrived at the last step of this guide on how to draw Barbie, and, in it, you can end up adding amazing colors!

We show you how to color your clothes in our reference image and chose a turquoise with subtle yellow reflections.

We also went with its classic blonde hair color, but all the colors we chose are just suggestions!

You can have fun experimenting with different colors and nuances to create your own unique Barbie drawing by coloring your drawing.

We know that whatever the colors, techniques, and art mean you choose will be amazing, so you have experience!


4 Other ways to make your Barbie drawing unique

Make elegant works of art with these tips for your Barbie outline!

This Barbie drawing shows an elegant outfit. Barbie has everything to do with a different look, so you can change her style to your image.

To do this, you can keep it and change it. You can base this new look on a Barbie doll you have or can use a fashion look you have recently enjoyed.

Do you have an elegant look in mind that you could use to make a barbie renovation in this image?

The clothes are just an elegant look, so you can also make them more elegant by adding accessories to your clothes.

It can be small, so make it use earrings or a beautiful necklace.

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You can also give him a good bag or a type of scarf. These are just some ideas for certain accessories that would be great for Barbie, but what could you think of others to finish your appearance?

Barbie has undergone many changes and joined many other characters in his long story. For this reason, we believe adding other characters to your Barbie drawing can be fun.

It can be based on several Barbie incarnations or some of her friends over the years. You can even add her famous loving interest, Ken.

The addition of these characters would also allow you to try different fashion styles!

Finally, you can add a background to finish your Barbie outline. Barbie has taken many different roles in its history, so that you can use all kinds of fun parameters.

She could be somewhere like a fashion show or a great movie first to make it pleasant and glamorous. Or you may have chosen a working theme for Barbie, how to make it a doctor.

In this case, you can put it in a hospital environment. What types of horizons would serve your drawing?


Your Barbie drawing is complete!

It takes you to the end of this elegant guide on how to draw Barbie! We hope this guide was so much fun for you to work with, and we also hope it would allow you to make it so nice and easy for you.

Now you can take control and show your creativity with details, additions, changes, colors, and art media you use to finish it.

Pleasure is far from over because we have many more drawing guides for you on our site to enjoy! There is more on the way. Therefore, continue to check.

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