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Birds are among the most varied creatures on the planet. They come in almost all imaginable forms, sizes, and colors, which is why so many people love them!

Flamingo is one of the most appreciated bird species because they can stand out from this diversity because of their distinct appearance and color.

If you have always wanted to know how to draw a flamingo cartoon, it’s in the right place! This guide will show everything you need to know about drawing this amazing bird.

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Drawing Flamingo

Step 1:

For this first stage of our guide on how to draw a cartoon flamingo, we will start with the bird’s head!

A flamingo’s head is at the end of a long, thin neck, and we will also start drawing this neck.

At the moment, use rounded lines on Flamingo’s head. As you can see in the reference image, it is very small and round.

The nozzle is also quite large and rounded and is somewhat in the form of L. Finally, draw the thin neck before passing stage 2!

Step 2:

Continuing with this cartoon flamingo design, we will add facial details and the beginning of the body. For the eye, draw a circle that contains a solid black circle.

This black circle will have a small white dot inside for light in the eye.

So let’s start with the body. Use a curved line for the trunk, and then use one on the back of the Flamingo.

It will end with a clear point that will form the start of the tail, but we will make it later.

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Step 3:

Before adding more contours to this flaming cartoon, first, we will add some smaller details at the side of the body. More specifically, we will draw some feathers for the wing.

It should be very easy to add because all you need to do is draw several small curved lines that connect.

It will only be the beginning of the wings, but we will add some additional penalties to finish in the next step of the guide.

Step 4:

As promised, this stage of our guide on drawing a cartoon flamingo will show that you end the wing that started in the previous step.

It should be even easier than the previous one because you play mainly what started at this stage.

These curved and clear forms will be longer this time because they will represent the end of the wing.

Then you will be ready to start adding more to the body outline!

Step 5:

So far, you are doing a great job in this cartoon flamingo design! Now let’s start adding the keys and finished elements before bringing colors to this beautiful bird.

Using more curved lines, we will add the body base. Be sure to leave a small space at the bottom of the Flamingo cartoon because this is where we will add our legs later.

Finally, we will draw the rest of the tail for this stage. Just use more sophisticated ways at the end of the body for these feathers, so we are ready for the details and the final keys.

Step 6:

The outbreaks have very long and thin legs and usually become very different, where a leg is slightly high. It is the position we will represent in this next step.

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These legs can be a little harder to draw than you expect, So carefully follow the reference image when drawing!

One is closer to us because the viewer will be directed at the bottom while the other will be folded and high. Before you go to the last step of the guide, add all the additional details you want!

Adding your background parameter or other animals to complete the image can be fun.

Step 6:

Now you are ready for the last step in this drawing! First of all, a funny Flamingo fact: Did you know that your feathers are colorful in pink because of the diet they live in?

This distinct pink coloration is what we went to our reference image.

Pink is beautiful, and you should try to use beautiful bright means by adding it!

We recommend colored pens, acrylic paints, or markers for this. Are you going to go with this color, or do you have anything else in mind for this beautiful Flamingo?


5 tips to complete your cartoon Flamingo Drawing even more useful!

Make your sketch of the Flamingo cartoon even more beautiful with these tips!

When you see a flamingo in nature, they are usually in large groups. It would be a great way to add Flamingo to this drawing!

Following the guide again, you can make a group of flamingos. The size of this group would depend on you, but you can potentially add as much as your page allows!

The addition of other flaming is a way to add more life to this work of art. You can also add different birds or animals.

If you had to do so, you could stick to the animals that would usually meet in the habitat of a flamingo. If you have other favorite animals that are not there, they could also be used!

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This cartoon flamingo draws a flamingo that is in a very realistic installation. Another idea would be to give the drawing a capricious turn.

There are some ways to be able to follow a clearer direction for the image. It can be as simple as giving Flamingo a sophisticated hat or perhaps a tie.

It’s just a small selection of ideas, but how can you add more character to this cartoon flamingo?

Another way to make this drawing would be to follow the opposite direction of our last suggestion. It would mean making the Flamingo more realistic.

To help you, you can use a p

icture of some flamingos to help you get the proportions and details in the search as you wish.

Finally, after deciding on these suggestions you would like to go, you can finish with a background!

If you want to keep a background based on the actual habitat of a flamingo, it would have the choice of beautiful landscapes.

You can add a beautiful lake or lush jungle forest behind. What are the other environments you could use for this cartoon flamingo?

Your cartoon flamingo drawing is complete!

You finished the 7 steps of this guide on how to draw a cartoon flamingo! Now that you have finished all the steps, you have an amazing performance of this beautiful bird.

Taking a new drawing can be intimidating, but following the steps is the best way to make it much easier!

Now that you can draw this excellent cartoon flamingo, you can continue the pleasure by adding your details and items.

You can look for some photos of real flamingos to inspire the types of environments they occupy or can project yours!


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