How to draw a cartoon cookie


Sometimes you need a tasty pleasure to reward yourself for several attempts overcome throughout the day, and everyone has their favorite treatment!

Some are more popular than others, and the cookie is an example of a gold diet. These tasty goodies are available in wide varieties, so there’s something for everyone!

The only thing better than eating is learning to draw a cartoon cookie!

It is the goal we will face in this guide you have in front of you, and we will show everything you need to make it much easier.

You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing Cartoon cookies

Step 1:

We’ll start this guide on how to draw a cartoon cookie with the biscuits’ outline! It may be tempting to opt for a perfect circle for this sketch, but we prefer to opt for a harder outline.

It will eventually give cookies a more realistic and textured feeling.

As the reference image shows, this plan will be quite rugged to give it the texture we mentioned. After the round contour ended, it went to step 2!

Step 2:

There is an intense debate about the best cookie flavor, and everyone has their ideas.

Some raisins love it, while others like chocolate chips, but we will choose the second option in this cartoon cookie drawing!

Let’s draw these chips using small shapes that have angular edges. Try to make the central part of the cookie light because we will add a fun face soon!

Step 3:

Before adding this face we mentioned in the previous step, we will first add guns. These will have curved lines that stand out from the sides of the cookie to form the thin arms.

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Then we will give this cookie a classic cartoon look while we add gloves.

Everyone will have a rounded edge where the hands enter, so we will use curved lines to represent the fingers.

All that exists for this stage, so we are ready for step 4 of the guide.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to add legs and feet to this cartoon cookie drawing! To the legs, they look a lot like their arms.

It means we will extend some curved lines of the cookie’s body base.

It will lead to certain shoes designed wearing curved and rounded lines. As indicated in the reference image, the shoes will be faced outside.

So we can start adding your face to the next step!

Step 5:

Finally, we can add a face to this cookie at this next step. First of all, let’s attract our eyes. Use oval shape shapes and add smaller ovals full of the black inside.

Then we will add curved eyebrows above the eyes to complete the expression.

For the mouth, we will use a curved line for the smiling mouth, and then we will use some rounded lines to the mouth and open tongue below.

After drawing these facial details, we will add the final keys to the next stage of the guide and will continue!

Step 6:

It’s almost at the time of the last stage of the guide, but first, we have some final keys to add! Now we will add simple but effective texture details to the body of this cookie.

To do this, add points and small rounded shapes to the cookie surface to give a larger texture.

So it is up to you to finish this image! It is where you can have fun showing creativity with it, and that’s where you can take control and add your creativity.

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Some ideas would be to draw a background, and if you were doing it, you could add other alive foods and drinks!

Step 7:

Here we are in the last step of this guide on drawing a cartoon cookie, and now we can finish its creation with a certain color!

We kept the colors a little silent and realistic in our image example, which offers a way to color yours.

We use light brown for our cookies and dark brown for chips and other aspects.

When you get yours, you can add colorful keys, like colored sequins, to the cookie!

For a little depth, you can also use thick ink globes on the ships to make them extend a little from the page.

5 tips for making cartoon cookies drawing even better!

Make your sketch of cartoon cookies even tastier with these fun tips!

Anyone who loves cookies will tell you it is difficult to keep one. For this reason, you can add a friend to this drawing of a cartoon cookie!

Now that you have finished this guide, adding that another must be very easy to do. You can modify certain details, such as facial expressions or the installation of this second cartoon cookie.

It would help to make each character unique from the others.

Even if you follow a single cartoon cookie, you can change some details to customize it. These changes can be simple or more drastic.

As we mentioned in the previous step, changing the expression of the face or the installation can make this cartoon cookie very different. What other details could you change?

Adding clothes or other accessories can also help make the drawing of cartoons more distinct. It may include a hat or sunglasses to the cartoon.

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Or you can wear it with an outfit. It would also be a great way to make the characters additional.

What kinds of fun clothes and accessories options could you add?

A cookie is usually more appreciated with other foods and drinks. You can also add some to the image and turn them into fun characters!

A classic example would be to add a glass of milk, and it would be easy to turn into a fun character. It would be a great way to show what you would like to enjoy with a tasty cookie!

Finally, you can draw a fun background well to finish this cartoon cookie drawing well. There are daily parameters like a kitchen or bedroom in a house you can use.

Or you can find a more creative configuration that also looks cool. If you added other food characters, they might be lying during a food party.


Your cartoon cookie drawing is complete!

cartoon cookie It takes care of the 7 stages of the guide on how to draw a cartoon cookie, and now you have a fun and creative representation of this famous snack!

Even though cookies are relatively simple in structure, this drawing certainly had delicate aspects. I hope the steps have shown how you can easily overcome challenges!

So you can add your details in the background and maybe even some other food characters to bring out this image even more!

Seeing how you bring your creativity to this image will be great.

We hope to see it soon on our website because we have a lot of amazing drawing guides and other art gifts to enjoy, and others will be on their way soon!

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