How to Draw a Book


A book is a wonderful thing because any story, adventure, or information you may think can be contained in your pages.

The possibilities with books are endless, and there is always news to get lost inside!

If you like to read and can’t have enough books, you may have wondered what would be needed to learn to get one. If this looks like you, then we have the guide for you!

We make this step-by-step guide easy to draw a book for you to make this drawing challenge as simple as possible.

You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing book

Step 1:

To start our guide on drawing a book, we will start with a slightly elongated rectangular shape.

To make this step easier, you can use a ruler to draw a rectangle with the same angle as the image book.


Once you have this orientation form, you can draw in the book’s final form. When you are satisfied with the final pan, rub your shoulders with all the pencil lines you designed as a guide.

The upper right corner of the book will have more straight edges, as you can see in the image.

Step 2:

Now that you have the sketch of your book, you can start drawing the details of the interior.

You can draw a rounded line between the two angular forms using the most angular form you left in the upper right corner of your book.

It will be at the top of the book’s pages, which we will draw a little later. Once you look like the reference image, you can take the next step!

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Step 3:

For this part of our guide on drawing a book, we will add some lines to represent the pages of your book.

A rule would be ideal for this step as it will help maintain the space between each line.

You can change the space between the lines to give the impression that the book has more or fewer pages, depending on your preference!

Step 4:

You draw a beautiful thick book in this guide, so the drawing of your book needs an equally thick cover and column!

To give the impression that the book has a thick cover, carefully draw a line around the top of the pages you designed in the previous steps.

After drawing in the thick blanket, draw a curved line down to the back of the book to give a beautiful thick spine!

Now that these elements are designed, you can add some final details to your book.

Step 5:

You are so close to finishing the drawing of your book! Before going to the fun color step, your book needs some final details.

We show some details you can add to your book design, and the details we show have small circles and lines traveling the spine.

These are some details we suggest, but you can also be creative with your addition! I think it would be particularly cool if you draw the cover of your favorite book on the cover of your book design!

You can even make something like drawing your favorite book character on the cover with the title.

Step 6:

When you started this guide, you decided to learn to draw a book, and now you can see that you got it! Before the drawing of your book is completed, it needs beautiful colors to complete!

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We show how we color the drawing of this book, but this is a step when you can show how creative you are!

In the previous step, I turned off the idea of ​​drawing the cover of your favorite book on the cover of your book’s drawing.

If you go with this idea, you can watch the book cover in real life and reproduce the cover colors on the cover of your book drawing.

After deciding the colors for the drawing of your book, you can also have fun trying different art supports.

I will use watercolors if I color it because the softest colors would make it look like a faded old book what medium colors and details choose to finish the drawing of your book?


4 Other ways to make your book drawing exclusive

You will surely want to read all these tips for your book sketch!

You should not judge a book by the cover, but you can add more details to the cover of this book drawing! There are some ways to make the cover of this book more interesting.

You can maintain the addition of a title, or you can also add an image. This cover can be unique, or you can base it on one of your favorite books.

What kind of coverage would you create for this book?

This guide showed how to draw a book with a closed cover. To make a variation, you can give the impression that it is open.

If you need to do this, you may want to use a real book and open it to see how it should be. You may even have this book next to the closed to show the contrast.

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What kinds of details would you add to the pages of this book?

Then you can add other objects that may be there when you have a comfortable reading session. For example, this drawing book can benefit from your favorite reading drink from the clock.

A large cup of hot chocolate would be great! If you have other favorite drinks or a snack you like when you get lost in a book, you should add it here.

What types of objects would you like to add here?

Each reader has his special place special that he likes to enjoy his favorite books. You can use this space as a background for this Sketchbook!

It can be a comfortable chair in your room or maybe a quiet area of ​​your favorite library. This context can be based on a real place, or you can project your perfect reading corner.

Your book drawing is complete!

With the latest details and colors, you came to the end of this guide on how to draw a book!

You have decided to learn to go on, and now you can see that it is easier than you suppose.

Drawing is not always easier, but it can be much easier if you follow the steps and take them slowly.

We created this guide to help you and divide it into more manageable steps to make it fun and easy to learn!

Now that you have finished your drawing, it is up to you to end with your colors and details.

If you draw the cover of your favorite book or maybe conceive the cover of a book, you would like to write.

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