How to Add Commands on Twitch?


Twitch instructions are extraordinarily beneficial as your target market starts evolved to develop. Imagine masses of visitors chatting and asking questions. Responding to all and sundry goes to be impossible. Commands stay streamers and moderators reply to not unusual place questions, seamlessly engage with others, or even carry out tasks.

How to Use Commands?

To use Commands, you first want to permit a chatbot. Streamlabs Cloudbot is our cloud-primarily based totally chatbot that helps Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo simultaneously. With 26 specific capabilities, Cloudbot improves engagement, keeps your chat clean, and lets you cognisance on streaming simultaneously as we cope with the rest.

Cloudbot is an in-depth tool. To get acquainted with every characteristic, we advocate looking at our playlist on YouTube. These academic motion pictures will stroll you thru each characteristic Cloudbot has to provide that will help you maximise your content.

Twitch may use commands to raid a channel, begin a giveaway, percentage media, and lots extra. Each order comes with a fixed of permissions. Depending on the Command, your moderators can most effectively utilise a few simultaneously as everyone, consisting of visitors, can use others. Below is a listing of usually used Twitch instructions that could assist as you develop your channel. If you don’t see a command you need to apply, you could additionally upload a custom command.

Streamlabs Cloud Bot

You’re lucky to be like me and use Streamlabs to manipulate your stay. Streamlabs has a constructed-in bot functionality. This characteristic is likewise accessible. Just log in to with your twitch account, and you may see “Cloudbot–> Commands for your dashboard.

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This is wherein you may be capable of creating instructions on your chat.


Nightbot is every other famous bot that can permit Twitch instructions. Night bot is simple to apply for novices and is a great desire for a bot if you’re using something apart from streamlabs.


Mobot is an excellent chatbot for novices and has many capabilities you could develop your stream. Again Moobot can feature instructions for your circulate.

Stream elements

Stream elements is every other very famous bot within the Twitch and Youtube network with several capabilities consisting of video games like Bingo and Roulette; however, most significantly, it permits us to feature chat instructions to circulate.


!add Command:

Allows a mod to feature an order at once from chat. 

Permission: Moderators

!edit command:

Allows a mod to edit order at once from the conversation.

Permission: Moderators

! remove Command:

Allows a mod to cast off Command at once from chat.

Permission: Moderators


Allows a mod to permit or disable a command.

Permission: Moderators

Link Protection


Give a viewer permission to publish a link.

Permission: Moderators



Join the energetic raffle.

Permission: Everyone

!open raffle:

Start accepting raffle entries.

Permission: Moderators

!close raffle:

Stop accepting raffle entries.

Permission: Moderators

!cancel raffle:

Cancel the modern raffle.

Permission: Moderators



Trigger a random or particular selection.

Permission: Everyone

!add quote

Add a quote thru chat.

Permission: Moderators

!quote edit

Edit a quote thru chat.

Permission: Moderators

!quote remove

Remove a quote thru chat.

Permission: Moderators


!open queue

Allows a moderator to open the column from the conversation.

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Permission Moderators

! close queue

Allows a moderator to shut the column from the conversation.

Permission: Moderators

! join

Allows a viewer to sign up for the column.

Permission: Everyone

! leave

Allows a viewer to go away from the queue.

Permission: Everyone

Media Share

! request

Add a video to the line.

Permission: Everyone


Show modern video.

Permission: Everyone


Viewers can vote to bypass a video

Permission: Everyone


Stop gambling on the current video immediately.

Permission: Moderators

! volume

Adjust media percentage volume.

Permission: Moderators

! blocklist

Adds the modern video to the blocklist & skips it.

Permission: Moderators

! wrong video

Allows a consumer to cast off their closing asked video.

Permission: Everyone


! factors

Displays the quantity of forex the consumer has.

Permission: Everyone

! top

Display a listing of Top customers primarily based totally on factors.

Permission: Everyone

! top hours

Display a listing of Top customers primarily based totally on hours.

Permission: Everyone

! add points

Add factors to a consumer the usage! add points 

Permission: Moderators

! remove points

Remove factors from a consumer the usage! remove points 

Permission: Moderators


Give characteristics from a consumer the use! give 

Permission: Everyone



Allows visitors to begin a heist.

Permission: Everyone



Register your vote.

Permission: Everyone



Register your wager.



Check what you’ve got a chance on.

Permission: Everyone



Promote your Streamlabs Merch Store.

Permission: Everyone

!set game

Changes the circulate game.

Permission: Moderators


Changes the circulate title.

Permission: Moderators



Allows visitors to gamble on the usage of their factors.

Permission: Everyone

Eight Ball


Allows visitors to invite inquiries to 8 ball.

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Permission: Everyone



Allows visitors to gamble factors at the slot machine.

Permission: Everyone


! duel

Allows visitors to duel with every different form factor.

Permission: Everyone

! accept

Allows viewers to get a duel.

Permission: Everyone

! deny

Allows viewers to disclaim a contest.

Permission: Everyone

! cancel

Allows viewers to cancel the initiated fight.

Permission: Everyone

Loyalty Store

! redeem

Allows visitors to redeem objects out of your loyalty save thru chat

Permission: Everyone


How to Make Custom Nightbot Commands?

  • From the Nightbot Dashboard, click on the ‘Commands’ dropdown at the left and choose ‘Custom. ‘
  • From the Custom Command, the web page clicks on the blue “+Add Command” button.
  • In the brand new window, choose the following:
  • Click the blue ‘Submit’ button and look at the Command for your Twitch chat.


11 Commands You NEED On Your Twitch Stream

  1. Custom Tips –!
  2. Personal Best –! 
  3. Stream Setup –! 
  4. Giveaway –!
  5. Bot Fights Back. 
  6. Social Media Commands –! 
  7. Schedule –!
  8. Rules –!
  9. Loadout –!
  10. Server –!
  11. Lurk –!


Wrapping Up

So these are eleven smooth instructions you could upload for your twitch channel to make your chat extra interactive. If you’ve got any laugh instructions you want to apply for your discussion, let us know them underneath the remarks, and we can upload them to the article.

To know more about how to add commands on Twitch check here:

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