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Gokarna, Karnataka’s northernmost region, is a true sand heaven! You will find five main strands that offer clear water, mild waves, and stunning views. These strands include Kudle Beach (Om Beach), Om Beach, Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach. These strands are separated by beautiful green hills that make Gokarna a more interesting place to visit. These hills add beauty to Gokarna and lead to the Gokarna Beach trek! This blog will provide all the information you need about How to Plan a Gokarna Beach Trek.

Gokarna Beach Trek

You can start the journey from Kudle Beach, Paradise Beach, or both. This trip is designed to cross all the major strands of Gokarna and traverse the hills between them. These hills are green to the maximum extent and offer a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea.

The Gokarna Beach Trek is an approximately 10-kilometer trek that involves sand walking. It would be a one way hike and ferry ride. It takes between 5-6 hours depending on how much time you have. Gokarna can get very hot in summer. This means that October to February are the best months for this passage. Gokarna can get very hot in summer.

Everything about the Gokarna Beach Trek

The Gokarna Beach Trek visits Gokarna’s four most prominent strands, Om Beach (Half Moon Beach), Paradise Beach (Half Moon Beach), and Kudle Beach (Om Beach). You can also visit the Gokarna Main Beach or Belekan Beach, but they are not compulsory. Before we get into details, let’s take a look at some of the views that you might see on this walk.

Where to begin?

You can start the Gokarna Beach Trek at either Gokarna Main Beach, or Belekan Beach. There is no significant route between Kudle Beach and Gokarna Main Beach. You must travel on the regular road to Kudle Beach. This is why the Gokarna Beach trek doesn’t include Gokarna Main Beach. You can start your walk at Kudle Beach, and then work your way up to Paradise Beach.

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This volition has the advantage that you can spend more time at Om Beach and Kudle Beach in the morning, which are the most enjoyable to syncope at. The journey’s alternate half, hereafter Om Beach, is also primarily through the woods.

This option has its downsides. The last ferry leaves at 530 to 600 PM. If you are not staying on Paradise Beach you should be concerned about the time it takes to return to your hostel. Kudle Beach is not served by many ferries. The majority of ferries stop at Om Beach. If you arrive late, you will need to hike back to Kudle Beach by night, which can be dangerous. If you wish to see Labyrinth at night, this approach is not practical.

Half Moon Beach to Paradise Beach

After a quick swim, you can enjoy a coconut and then start your journey. The section from Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach is the most difficult, compared to the other corridors. There is some boulder and gemstone climbing in the morning. As you go along the trail, it climbs in elevation. The views are breathtaking! You will pass two print openings on the trail, Small Hell Beach, and HellCliff. They can be delicate and a bit slippery. Another projected print stop is further ahead.

Om Beach to Half Moon Beach

After relaxing at Half Moon Beach, you can start your journey towards Om Beach. The launch is followed by a gradual climb through the trees. This section is still a lot fun. The Om Beach is just before the precipice. This gives you a spectacular view of the whole Om Beach. You can see the Om Shape in the sand from this point. Om Beach View Point is its name. It is worth it to stop them. After this point, Om Beach is right in front of you! Om Beach offers swimming, kayaking and other water conditioning.

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Kudle Beach to Om Beach

After lunch, you will be able to begin your journey towards Kudle Beach. The simplest hike is from Om Beach to Kudle Beach. There are several ways to go left once you have exited Om Beach. If you feel exhausted, you can take a bus or taxi from this exit. Take a detour to Shri Uma Maheshwar Temple just before you reach Kudle Beach. You can reach the tabernacle by following a route to the left just before the Kudle Beach Way. On the other hand, you can reach Kudle Beach by following the route near Kudle Beach. Kudle Beach, due to its shallow international shelf, is the best place to swim.


Our comprehensive guide to the Gokarna Beach Trek is now complete! This is our comprehensive companion to the Gokarna Beach Trek. If you are a professional swoon, be cautious in the water. Be conservative wherever you go.

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