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Easy Snoopy Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids is the best platform to learn about kids drawing. In the Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts, Charles Brown’s beloved dog is an anthropomorphic beagle named Snoopy. Although Snoopy originally appeared in the late 1950s, he continues to be regarded as one of the most recognizable cartoon characters.

Due to Snoopy’s enormous popularity, there has been a tonne of requests for free Snoopy drawing instruction. So, here is a tutorial that breaks down how to draw Snoopy into nine easy steps and detailed images.

Snoopy Drawing: Let’s get started!

Step 1:

  • Start by creating Snoopy’s ear by sketching an oversized U-shaped curving line. To guarantee that there is enough room for Snoopy’s complete head, draw the ear on the upper left side of your paper.
  • By drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your paper, you may build reference lines to ensure that Snoopy will be removed in the middle.
  • Your paper should now be divided into four squares as a result. It would be best if you drew Snoopy’s ear in the upper left of your writing.

Step 2: Create an outline of Snoopy’s head in step two.

  • Next to its ear, which was drawn in the previous phase, remove Snoopy’s head. Keep in mind that Snoopy is looking to the right. Therefore the face’s outline must be seen from the side.
  • The snout should be highlighted because it is the most significant part of Snoopy’s head. After all, he is a dog.

Step 3: Sketch Snoopy’s Body in Rough Form

  • Draw an extended form with a round bottom directly beneath the head. Ensure your body’s lower half is more comprehensive than your upper half.
  • When drawing Snoopy’s body, try not to press the pencil down too firmly. It’s crucial to use light strokes when drawing Snoopy’s body so that any extra lines that overlap later can be removed easily.
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Step 4:

  • Drawing Snoopy’s Left Leg in Step 4 Next, draw two short parallel lines joined at the bottom of Snoopy’s torso. The left leg of Snoopy is made up of this.
  • Then, draw a sideways oval shape with a flat bottom beneath the leg for the foot.
  • Don’t forget to draw two curved lines representing the spaces between Snoopy’s paws on his foot!

Step 5: Draw Snoopy’s right leg next.

  • This leg should only be partially visible because Snoopy is facing sideways, as depicted in the illustration.

Step 6: Draw Snoopy’s Visible Arm in Step 6

  • Draw the left arm as an extended U-shaped curve on the side of Snoopy’s torso.
  • Then, to create three distinct paws, draw two little, curving lines at the base of the arm.

Step 7 – Draw Snoopy’s Pointed Tail next.

  • Draw a short, pointy shape connected to Snoopy’s lower back.
  • Snoopy’s tapering tail is one of his most recognizable traits.

Step 8 – Draw Snoopy’s Nose and Collar Next

  • By placing a collar around its neck, Snoopy may be dressed up. The collar is made by simply drawing a narrow horizontal outline around Snoopy’s neck.
  • Draw a semicircle directly attached to Snoopy’s face’s edge to represent the nose. The nose should be affixed to the right edge, as shown in the figure because Snoopy is facing the right side.

Step 9: Next, add facial details to Snoopy

  • We will sketch Snoopy’s facial characteristics to finish his appearance. Draw a small, upright oval form for the eye, working your way down from the top. Then, to add emotion, completely shade the eyes.
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You have drawn Snoopy successfully, so there you go. Finally, the phase you are undoubtedly most anticipating is here: coloring Snoopy. The color of Snoopy’s coat is white. On the other hand, Snoopy has specific black physical characteristics, including his nose, ears, and a spot on his back.

Snoopy can be colored using his original colors or a specially created palette of hues to give him a more vibrant appearance. It all depends on you! It is, after all, your artistic creation.

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