Easy & Simple Merry Christmas Drawing For Kids Tutorial


Merry Christmas Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids is an idea of their potential. Pupils first studied pictures of Christmas-themed cars that were complete with presents and a tree. Then, we examined sketches and images of numerous cars taken from various perspectives. Students doodle a few representations of autos in different styles and moods. Although I was prepared to instruct students on how to sketch an automobile from a 3/4 angle using a two-point perspective, they did not select this more challenging option, which made Christmas Drawing me feel somewhat relieved, considering how hard it is. I’ll reserve this lesson for later.

We practiced drawing and overlaying 1-point perspective boxes.

One of my favorite holiday images is the traditional Christmas tree tied to the car. It always brings back memories of choosing our family tree when I was a child and now with my children. The holiday season officially starts as soon as we transport the tree home on the roof of our vehicle! That explains why, around the holidays, I have a weakness for anything that looks like a “Christmas tree on car”—wrapping paper, children’s pajamas, ornaments, etc. This year, we produced some decorations for the Christmas tree on the car’s top. All three are available now, along with a free printable.

Material Need:

  • White drawing paper, 12″ x 18″
  • Cake Tempera Paint (I like the Connector Paints from Faber-Castell)
  • Oil pastel in black (not crayon)
  • Brush with a medium round tip
  • Oil pastels that are colorful or metallic (optional)

Figuring Steps:

  • The Paper is folded vertically in half. Draw with black oil pastel. The color will transfer more effectively than a crayon.
  • Draw a little rectangle on the paper’s one-side surface. The fender is as shown.
  • Put a wheel below the rectangle. It has a rectangular shape with a slight curvature to it.
  • For the headlight, create a circle.
  • For the grill, doodle a rectangle with rounded corners.
  • The car’s side should be drawn.
  • The car’s roof should be drawn.
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Following Steps:

  • Overlap the paper and press with your palm.
  • To transfer black oil pastel markings to the other side of the article, rub the back.
  • Paper can be opened to reveal a faint trace. Use an oil pastel to trace over the lines.

Action Steps:

  • Cake tempera paints can be used to paint the backdrop and the car’s detailing. Cake tempera is similar to watercolor paints but with more vivid and robust colors. Since the paint won’t conceal the lines like liquid tempera will, I prefer them for this project.
  • Mix white with ONE paint color of your choosing. The result is a TINT.
  • The tint makes the car’s details more visible. While kids can use any color they like, talk about which hues will make the drawing’s main subject—the Christmas car—stand out.
  • The kids can start painting the car, tree, and decorations once the background is finished.
  • The time has come to let kids go! Choose their colors, imagine a fancy automobile color, and adorn the top of the roof with lively accents.
  • Tracing over any lines that are difficult to see once the tempera paint has dried is helpful. Additionally, now is an excellent opportunity to add details with colored oil pastels. To add stripes to the gift package, I utilized pastel shades of metallic gold and silver.
  • Kids might wish to include a string of holiday lights, etc.
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