Convertkit Review: Is It Good For You?


In this article, we have concluded about Convertkit Review.

ConvertKit is one brand that often comes up when you search for a dependable email service provider to send out newsletters and triggered emails. This is due to its reputation for providing cutting-edge features that may support firms in creating an engaging and responsive online presence.

We are here to investigate the mysteries of the most well-known email marketing software automation. You will have the information necessary to decide whether ConvertKit is the best email marketing solution for you by the conclusion of this review.

CpnvertKit Overview

It’s simple to see why creators and marketers adore ConvertKit and frequently recommend it to organizations and individual producers in need of sophisticated sequences and automation.

It is intended to streamline everything for people who do not want their resources and time wasted due to the intricacies of other programs with identical functions. Once you’ve mastered ConvertKit, you’ll have more time to focus on content creation or, perhaps, running your business.

Convertkit Advantages

  • highly intuitive interface
  • mechanism for subscribers based on tags
  • It’s simple to create dynamic emails.
  • allows for tag merging
  • Automations are simple to construct and create.
  • It’s simple to create rules for automation.
  • Making various forms is simple.
  • comes with a landing page builder.
  • Reports on subscriber acquisition.
  • Regular updates.
  • 24-hour email client service.
  • 30-day money-back promise.

ConvertKit Disadvantages

  • Templates may benefit from greater customization options.
  • Options for rudimentary A/B testing.
  • There is no free trial and no live chat help.
  • Not intended for sophisticated email marketing strategies.
  • There was no first-place scoring.
  • Dynamic content and limited segmentation.
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Key Features Of ConvertKit


Another fantastic feature of ConvertKit is that you can configure your email campaign such that various emails are sent to your subscribers based on the activities they’ve taken.

Subscriber categorization becomes much easy this way, and no lists are required.

A subscriber, for example, may click a link in an email you sent previously.

By clicking on that link, he or she will be tagged and placed in a specific segment.

You can configure your campaign so that each time this occurs, the subscriber is registered in a webinar, receives a course subscription, or whatever else you have in mind.\

Reporting And Analytics

It should go without saying that you require appropriate reporting and analytics tools in order to monitor your campaign and ascertain its success or failure.

You can do this rather quickly, as is the case with practically all of ConvertKit’s features.

You can always examine the status of your visits, email openings, subscribers, bounces, and conversion rates for each campaign you run thanks to the program’s various tracking tools.

In addition to all of this, you may measure and monitor how different forms behave to identify the strategies that yield the best outcomes.

Customer Support

You won’t be dissatisfied if ConvertKit includes adequate customer support.

Unfortunately, neither live chat nor phone assistance is available.

However, customer service representatives are available by email around-the-clock, 365 days a year, and they respond fairly fast.

Additionally, they are quite generous with their many help articles, which address every potential problem.

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ConvertKit Pricing 

Like other email marketing services, the cost of ConvertKit is determined by the number of subscribers. You will pay more the more you have.

ConvertKit’s cost can be viewed as average or slightly more when compared directly to other similar services, especially for those that have fewer than 10,000 subscribers.

But once you pass that threshold, ConvertKit’s cost becomes incredibly affordable.

The cost is $29 per month for the first 500 subscribers, and it doesn’t truly increase until you reach 1,000 subscribers.

Up to 2,500 members will cost you $49 a month, but doubling that would cost you $79 per 



ConvertKit is an excellent email marketing service that has carved out a distinct niche for itself in just a few years.

Automation is the future of email marketing, and ConvertKit provides basic automation capabilities to help you nurture your email prospects and produce sales.

It may not be the most capable for sophisticated email marketing campaigns, so if you want complete flexibility and all the capabilities under the sun, check out ActiveCampaign, which offers a lot more than Convertkit (but nowhere near as easy to use!).

I would strongly recommend ConvertKit to anyone who is just getting started with email marketing or who wants to keep it simple and easy to handle.

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