Bald Head Shavers – A modern upgrade to manual razors!


Along with the popularity of bald hairstyles, the demand for shaving products such as a Head Shavers has risen too. An increasing number of people are embracing baldness and opting for a clean shaved head owing to the convenience and advantages that come along. With a shaved head, you no longer have to worry about losing hair or aging. You can retain your charm and looks effortlessly without having to put extra effort into haircare and colouring. You can bid adieu to grey hairs, receding hairline, and other hair loss issues permanently. 

Grooming is essential, irrespective of whether you have hair or not. There’s nothing more appalling in a man than an ungroomed appearance. Hence, you can’t overlook the upkeep and maintenance of a bald head. While a shaved head requires lesser care and grooming as compared to tresses, it does need to be groomed regularly. The secret behind looking bald and attractive is proper shaving and care. Various range of head shaving products has been launched in the market that solely aims at easing the head-shaving experience. If you are planning to go bald, considering the after-maintenance aspect is essential. A good-quality bald head shaver along with a few other shaving essentials should make a permanent place in your grooming kit. 

Evolution of bald head shavers 

Coming to the shaving essentials, everything stands second to a head shaver. It is the primary tool required for a smooth and seamless head shave. Manual razors were largely used for head shaving over the past years up until modern electric head shavers entered the market. The significant popularity and change in perception about bald heads led to the demand for advanced head-shaving tools. The needs and demands of people lead to the development of products and services in the market. Businesses aim at easing and fulfilling consumer demands by developing new products in the market. Electric head shavers are a result of rising consumer demands who needed a smart device to ease the self-head-shaving process.

Advantages of bald head shavers 

As discussed above, head shavers have evolved over the past years to ease the head-shaving drill. The modern electric bald head shavers are ergonomically designed that are ideal for self-use and give a mess-free head shave in a few minutes. Most of these are waterproof that allows for both wet and dry shaves as per the user’s convenience. Other advantages of a using an electric bald head shaver are as follows: 

  • Easy to use – One of the major advantages of using bald head shavers is the ease that it offers while shaving. The modern design and mechanism of these shavers make them user-friendly and one can easily switch and operate between modes for better adjustability. One doesn’t have to have special knowledge to make use of such head shavers. 
  • Save time & effort

  •  Using an electric head shaver can save a lot of time and effort spent on head shaving. The smooth and flexible razor heads glide over the contours of the head thus giving a quick and effortless head shave. You don’t have to waste time gliding the blades over the same areas repeatedly for a clean shave.
  • Portable

  • The compact design of these electric head shavers makes them portable and easy to carry anywhere you go. These razors run on batteries and do not require electricity to function. Hence, one can use it anytime they want. No connection or additional resources are required. You can enjoy a smooth and quick head shave on the go! 
  • Long-lasting

  • Even though the upfront cost of these bald head shavers is comparatively high, they offer great utility in the long run. The razor blades in these shavers are of high quality that lasts up to years with no replacements required. Right from battery performance to the shaving mechanism, you can rest assured of the performance and longevity of the device. 
  • No cuts & bruises

  • Head shaving using a manual razor often leads to razor burns and bruises. The sharp blades of manual razors can cut deep through the skin thereby making permanent marks. All of these can be avoided by using an electric head razor. The soft and evenly sharp blades of these shavers move across the scalp smoothly and give an irritation-free shave.
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Over to You! 

The head-shaving preferences differ from one individual to another. While some prefer to have a clean close shave, others like to buzz it down. Some find comfort in wet shaves while others with sensitive skin prefer to go for a dry shave. Similarly, when it comes to using a head shaver, the bent toward a manual and electric ones are equal. Both function differently and give different shaving results. Above listed were some advantages of using a modern bald head shaver. Try it and decide for yourself, today!  

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