7 of the Best One-Day Trekking Places Near Bengaluru



On Saturdays and Sundays, we look for a hiking location close to Bengaluru There are, of course, powerful and popular people, such as Kudremukh, Kodachadri, Kumara Parvatha, or Tadiandamol. However if Folks consider travel time, those who ingest the entire weekend.

On the other hand, these trek locations are close to Bangalore and only include those that can be reached by car in two hours less than.

Consequently, the following is a list of day-long treks that seem to have access from Bangalore.


Hindu temple Halu Chilume Ganga

With its knotty trails and uncharted nooks, the Halu Chilume Ganga Trek to a monastery is a dose of adventure and is a simple, unconventional trek found now over a minute outside of Bangalore.

The 5-kilometer “Thorn Journey,” refer to it due to the overgrown bushes that line the pathway, is an original trail that includes mossy rocks, Rockwall fields, and mountain trails.


Just at the top, there is an intriguing monument with bells carved into a rock. There is an option for the more daring hiker to learn about the area on uncleared trails or the caves on the hill.

The trail is fairly simple. You experience a relaxing journey through the jungle and stony steps. In the occurrence of severe rain, a rock ruin may be sheltered. Time: 5 hours Air density: 2,700 ft to 3,310 ft

Trekking incline: Uphill climb to the summit. On the journey back, descend

Ascent as well as descent on a forest trail, boulders, and stone steps.


Channakeshava Betta/Channagiri

In Chikkaballapura, a less-traveled trail is Channagiri, which is located toward the northwestern end of the Nandi Hills chain. It’s more known simply as Channakeshava Betta in the area. Its Omkareshwara Temple is located at the top, and it serves as the North Pinakini Colorado river source. But this hill is more than just its well-known landmarks. It’s a fantastic day hike.

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Over two short hours, the trek leads you through a startling variety. What begins through untamed shrubbery and sporadic tamarind and eucalyptus trees then travels through high-density forest vegetation, large boulder sections, and finally arrives at a zenith with a breathtaking panoramic view of the flatlands and hills below.

4,478 feet in elevation

Time: 2 to 3 hours

Trek difficulty: low

The majority of trails are made of stone.



To slake your per-week thirst for adventure, the Makalidurga Trek seems to be of action. With only 60 miles differentiate them. from Bangalore, it includes the most appealing areas close by. Road and There are outstanding rail interconnections. Once completing the Makalidurga evening trek, the railway option is the best.

The Makalidurga hill is easily identifiable from a distance thanks to its recognizable squish and height of 4,430 feet. The trail’s boundaries are vague. You can select a route that corresponds to the level of difficulty you desire. There are arrows occasionally decorated on rock formations to assure readers of your path, and all paths lead up to the fort.

Height: 4,430 feet.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Journey difficulty: low

There is no specific type of trail.


Each Nandi

Five peaks can be found in the Nandi Hills: Nandi Giri, Brahmagiri, Skandagiri, Chandragiri, and Govardanagiri. Nandi One is the popular name for Brahmagiri Mountain. It is Nandi Hill View Point’s twin peak.

The trail Nandi One will make You learn personal inner child. A treat for the senses is the patches of large rocks terrain and greenery vegetation. The Viewing marks offer a bird’s eye view of the farms below while the roadways cut through them. You’ll feel less stressed right away thanks to the euphorbia groves just at the trail’s beginning. Additionally, this same region is full of humorous mythological and real-life stories. Pack a picnic and take the whole family to Nandi One the following time work gets to you!

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4,841 feet in altitude, time


Betta Ranganatha Swamy

At 1,552 m, Bilikal Betta, likewise called the Whole process can take Betta, is 60 kilometers from Bengaluru on Kanakapura Road. The Entire process can take a temple on top of the hill where the hill’s name comes from. In Kannada, “Bili” denotes white, and “Kallu” denotes rock. The hill’s top is covered in interesting white boulders, as the name suggests. Given that it is regularly employed by tourists going to the temple, the hike starts well-paved.

A hike to Bilikal Betta includes all of these things and extra: thin and spooling trails; creaking huge periods, wood, and sporadic confrontations with wild animals. Considering that Bangalore is only a two-hour drive away, the calm of the hill is unexpected.

Height: 5091 feet

Time spent:

Trek difficulty: medium


Betta Handi Gundi

Handi Gundi is this same perfect hike for novices in every way. The trail is simple but exciting, providing only the right amount of difficulty and adventure while serving up breathtaking views from the peak. Handi Gunti is indeed an obvious choice for children’s initiation to hiking. The color of the grass varies Despite the trail ascending through it. As the sun sets, it sometimes glows golden and other times takes on a purple hue. Occasionally, that whole grass has black streaks that, when users least suspect it, turn magically brown.

Height: 3100 feet

Period:2 hours

Trek difficulty: low

Trail characteristics: This same route traverses the scrubs, grooves, and steepness.

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